The South Carolina Archival Association has five available awards that will be awarded at the Annual Meeting:

· South Carolina Archivist of the Year: To a current SCAA member, in recognition of extensive years of exceptional service to the profession, particularly in South Carolina, and to forwarding the mission and goals of the South Carolina Archival Association.

· Career Achievement Award: In recognition of an extensive body of work on the preservation of historical material about South Carolina and of service to promoting their use, and generally rewarded upon retirement, relocation from South Carolina and similar events. Recipients do not have to be SCAA members.


· Program Innovation Award: To SCAA members, based upon criteria such as, but not limited to: Creating a viable archives where none existed; publishing materials that benefit archives or archivists; establishing successful new programs such as access to collections on the web or working with community groups to promote archives. Successful efforts should be South Carolina-based.


· Friend of the Archives Award: To an individual or organization which promotes, advocates, and/or defends archives and archival programs in South Carolina.


· President’s Award: The President of SCAA receives an award for service to the Association at the conclusion of their presidency.


To nominate an individual or organization, please fill out the Nomination Form.

Awards Committee:

The Awards Committee consists of the Vice President/President-Elect as Chair, and other members as appointed. The Awards Committee recruits nominations for four annual SCAA awards; selects the recipients for the awards; purchases the awards; plans and executes an Awards Ceremony at the Annual Meeting; and oversees publicity for the program. It also presents an award to the President. Members of the Awards Committee are not eligible for awards during their time of service.

Current Committee Chair: Kathryn Slover, Vice President/President-Elect

Committee Members: Vacant

If you are interested in serving on the Awards Committee please contact:

General Information


2021 SCAA Officers

Ann Abney
niversity of South Carolina
(803) 777-5825

Graham Duncan
South Caroliniana Library
(803) 777-2826

Tabitha Samuel
Medical University of South Carolina
(843) 792-6749

Erin Allsop
Central Piedmont Community College
(704) 330-6373

Jessica Serrao
Clemson University Libraries
(864) 656-3358

Jim Cross
(864) 656-5182
Clemson University

Michael Fondren
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
(803) 896-9532

Jim Cross
Clemson University Libraries

Angela Flenner
College of Charleston Libraries
(843) 953-8013


Mailing Address:
For mailing membership dues

South Carolina Archival Association
P.O. Box 932
Columbia, SC 29202



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