The results of Tests 7 and 8 have been released. Both tests measured attenuation of the COVID-19 virus on hardcover book covers (buckram cloth, stacked configuration), softcover book covers (coated paper, stacked configuration), Plastic protective covers(Biaxially oriented polyester film, stacked configuration) and Expanded polyethylene foam (1-inch, unstacked configuration) at temperatures both higher and lower than the ambient temperatures (68 to 75°F; 20 to 24°C) used in Tests 1-6. Test 7 was held at temperatures of 34 to 36°F (1 to 4°C) while Test 8 was held at temperatures of 83 to 84°F (28 to 29°C). Results showed that attenuation rates for materials held at the colder temperatures were significantly slower compared to the warmer and ambient temperatures. The report can be found at

In addition, the recording of the 29 January REALM webinar, “Project Update and Community Reflections,” is now available on demand at

There are also some new toolkit resources: 

A synthesis of information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on cleaning and disinfecting considerations public spaces, surfaces, and objects:

A synthesis of information in reopening plans that have been generously shared by libraries, archives, and museums:

A collection of curated information and resources about vaccines that can help to answer common COVID-19-related questions:

A collection of resources to help provide guidance on social distancing measures while serving the public and keeping staff safe:

A collection of examples and resources for conducting successful virtual programs and meeting people where they are—online:

Finally, Literature Review 3.1 of SARS-CoV-2 research published through November 2020 has been completed and can be found at