It is award season for us!  Through its annual awards program, the South Carolina Archival Association recognizes outstanding individuals in the archival field.  Honorees need not be SCAA members, and we recognize current full-time archivists, distinguished retirees, volunteers and others who have done outstanding archival work in South Carolina.

Awards given include: 

South Carolina Archivist of the Year: Awarded to a current SCAA member, in recognition of extensive years of exceptional service to the profession, particularly in South Carolina, and forwarding the mission and goals of SCAA. 

Career Achievement Awards: In recognition of an extensive body of work on the preservation of historical materials about South Carolina and of service to promoting their use, and generally awarded upon retirement, relocation from South Carolina and similar events. 

Program Innovation Awards: To SCAA members, based on criteria such as, but not limited to:  Creating a viable archives where none existed; publishing materials that benefit archives or archivists; establishing successful new programs such as access to collections on the web or working with community groups to promote archives.  Successful efforts should be South Carolina-based.

Friends of the Archives Award:    To an individual or organization which promotes, advocates, and/or defends archives and archival programs in South Carolina.

The President’s Award:    To the outgoing SCAA President in recognition of their year of service to our organization and the state.

Please use the online form to submit your nominations by October 28, 2022.  If you prefer to send the nomination via email, please submit your response to Brenda Burk, Awards Committee chair at with the following information:  

•             Name of Nominee

•             Nominee's institution and contact information

•             Name of Nominator

•             Nominator's contact information

•             Name of Award

•             Describe the nominee’s accomplishments and why they are deserving of this award.  Please provide examples to help support the nomination. 

Thank you for helping us recognized individuals who are supporting and promoting the archival profession.