South Carolina Archives Month 2015

Bridge Builders: Connecting Archives with Your Community


Every October, archivists around the country commemorate American Archives Month. This month-long celebration is a time for archival and cultural heritage professionals to bring awareness to their collections and spotlight the important work they do for their communities. Last year, the South Carolina Archival Association revived our statewide celebration with South Carolina Archives Month, and this year, we’re continuing the tradition.


For South Carolina Archives Month 2015, we are celebrating the role archivists play as “Bridge Builders,” serving as a connection point between our communities and the raw materials of history. Archivists work diligently to create and nurture partnerships within the community, and now is the time to promote and celebrate these vital collaborations. From exhibits to workshops, oral history projects to preservation programs, archives and other documentary repositories create a variety of opportunities for South Carolina’s citizenry to access and experience our shared history.

Cypress Bridge


Archives Month presents us with an excellent opportunity to examine our outreach efforts and identify community groups and individuals that may not normally be part of our service population. Historians and genealogists may be our primary customers, but what about children and school groups, church congregants, or hobbyists? Think about building programs or highlighting collections that may be of interest to:


Children and young adults

Homeschool groups

Church congregations

Social justice organizations

Genealogical societies

Book clubs

Senior citizens groups

College classes

Civic organizations

Local businesses

Hobbyists and enthusiasts (Philatelists, Numismatists, Railfans, Crafters)

Sororities and fraternities

Special events organizers (Farmers markets, Local festival organizers)


Let’s work together to make certain all of South Carolina’s citizens understand their own vital place in the historical tapestry of our state!



Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase a part of your archival collection! Please share information about your Archives Month event(s) with us by filling out our event submission form and we will post it on our website and publicize via Facebook, twitter, and other networks! Also, don’t forget to join us for our annual meeting at South Carolina Department of Archives and History on October 2!


SC Archives Month Events


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