SCAA Executive Board Meeting

SC Dept. of Archives and History Columbia, SC

April 20, 2005

Present: Alexia Helsley, Elizabeth West, Suzanne Singleton, Henry Fulmer, Aimee James, Sarah Murray

  • Call to Order

    President Alexia Helsely called the meeting to order.

  • Minutes

  • Treasurer's Report

    The Treasurer's Report was submitted to the board.

  • Membership Report

    Henry Fulmer reported that the SCAA has between 60 and 70 members. There are continued glitches between the treasurer and membership officer, but the system is better than it was before. Dues should definitely be sent to the Treasurer.

  • Continuing Business

  • Spring Conference

    Fifty-six people registered for the 2005 Spring Conference; around 65 people attended. Twenty-seven evaluations were turned in. The digital legal issues and online exhibits were the most heavily attended sessions. One respondant was confused about the scale and gave 1s but rated the conference as excellent. People really enjoyed the poster session half-hour as a chance to network and talk. But we are not getting good participation in the poster sessions. Does the board want to continue them? The board decided to keep them; they are still a good option even if participation fluctuates.

    There were complaints about the technology, but there is only so much you can do with the light settings in the auditorium. The SCDAH laptop is old and does not have a USB port, which more presenters are using. Elizabeth West suggested that the State Archives could publish a wish list for equipment donations in their newsletter, including a laptop. Another complaint was that the keynote speaker was off topic for the SCAA.

    One respondant wanted more sessions, but it is difficult to work in any more. There was a request for a vegetarian lunch, but it would be difficult to have a vegetarian entree. Other conferences have just used rice, vegetables and fruit for the vegetarian meal and just left off the meat.

    A student respondant suggested a student rate be established for conferences.

    Helsley suggested that may prompt a request for a retiree rate; it can get complicated. She didn't think that our conference fees are out of line, and that the student rate is a perennial request that's unreasonable, since students have money to spend on other social activities.

    The board reviewed the list of suggested topics for future conferences. Helsley commented that there was someone at USC that does a talk on problem patrons. Aimee James commented that with the increased violence in the schools the topic has broad relevance. Helsley added that another interesting take on it is how institutional policies direct staff members to handle such a situation. James suggested there were two angles on it: how to diffuse a situation, and what kind of policies and training to have for the staff.

    Additional suggested topics were EAD, corporate archives, updates on the SC Digital Library and PASCAL, and microfilm vs. digitization. West asked how much interest there really is in South Carolina in EAD. Helsley commented that there is only one SCAA member from a corporate archives, and that this issue was suggested before but no speaker could be found. West stated she could help arrange a speaker for updates on USC's digital collections. Helsley suggested a session on digital projects update and one on problem patrons.

    West asked how long it had been since a session was done on grants. There are new categories that could be covered. James thought the last one on grants was in 2003. Helsley said there was someone at the State Library who could speak on grant-writing, and at the Dubose Group, which offers international training on grant-writing and reviewing. This session could include different viewpoints, such as the grant reviewer's. Aimee James has reviewed for NHPRC.