There is still time to register for the SCAA Unconference and Business Meeting! We are looking forward to a morning of casual conversation surrounding archival practices, activities, and events in our community over the past year. We will meet virtually on Friday, October 21, 2022 from 10:00am-1:00pm; the Unconference will take place from 10:00-12:00pm, followed by the Annual Business Meeting from 12:00-1:00pm. The Unconference and Annual Business Meeting will be hosted by USC Libraries virtually via Zoom (links below).


Our Unconference theme is “Advocacy Across the Aisle,” highlighting collaboration within the archival profession on a variety of topics and projects. In an increasingly connected world, archivists, librarians, public historians, and other information professionals must work together to advocate for their collections and communities they serve. Recent cultural and professional shifts have changed our ways of thinking about represented and underrepresented voices in our collections; what audiences we serve and who we need to serve; how we show up for our communities; and how we, as professionals, show up and advocate for one another on local, regional, and national levels.


The Padlet link yielded interesting topics to help steer our conversation. We took those topics and developed an outline for guiding our sessions. Below is the schedule for you to review. If any registrants have slides, images, materials, or even other topics, they would like to share, please email Erin Allsop (, Mae Howe (, or Ann Abney ( 


SCAA Unconference and Annual Business Meeting Schedule: 


Unconference Zoom Link: ( Passcode 7*#S99 )


10:00-10:05am: Welcome and Introductions


10:05-10:15am - Unconference Discussion Topic 1: Diversity

·         What approaches are institutions using to collect material from and reach out to underrepresented communities? Who is involved in community archives activities?


10:15-10:30am - Unconference Discussion Topic 2: Outreach

·         Where are some places we can provide archival outreach, what kind of content would people be interested in hearing. 


10:30-10:45am : Unconference Discussion Topic 3: Reparative Description

·         What are your institutions doing about efforts around reparative description or reparative metadata? Have a controlled vocabulary you love for indigienous materials? Have you recently repatriated collections to tribal nations?


10:45-10:50am: Break


10:50-11:20am: Unconference Discussion Topic 4: SHRAB Regrant Program Update

·         The SC State Historical Records Advisory Board regrant program has awarded 12 institutions with funding from the NHPRC, including, historical societies, museums, universities, and rural/smaller SC towns representing traditionally underrepresented collections for this current grant cycle.  I would like to share information about these awarded collections as well as opportunities for future regrant awards.


11:20-11:50am: Continuing conversation about topics, resources, ideas, and updates.


11:50am-12:00pm: Preparation for Annual Business Meeting


12:00-1:00pm: SCAA Annual Business Meeting

·         Annual Business Meeting Zoom Link: Passcode *@==.0


Similar to traditional conferences, an archives unconference brings together professionals to discuss important topics relevant to the archival profession. However, unlike traditional conferences, an archives unconference allows for attendees to contribute ideas and topic discussions relative to a theme that will help to develop a fluid outline for the gathering. We look forward to meeting with you all in this new capacity. For any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.


Sincerest Regards,

Erin Allsop, Second Year Director

Mae Howe, First Year Director

Ann Abney, SCAA President